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euronews science – Missile-like breast cancer treatment is on target

www.euronews.com A new therapy for treating breast cancer could increase life expectancy by 50 percent for sufferers. T-DM1 has been praised by cancerologists for its effectiveness at fighting cancer with minimal side-effects. T-DM1 was developed by an American firm with the Roche group and gives a survival advantage of 65 percent after two years Read more

CNN Weekend Shows – Boy with brain cancer says he doesn’t want any more treatment

9-year-old Ryan Kennedy is dying from brain cancer, but he’s decided against further treatment. Video Rating: 5 / 5 www.ted.com Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the best-known methods for treating cancer. At TEDMED, Bill Doyle presents a new approach, called Tumor Treating Fields, which uses electric fields to interrupt cancer cell Read more

CoD BO| Cancer treatment, Day 1.

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Things You Can Do To Promote Health During Cancer Treatment

what smoking looks like Read more