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orginal slogans for smoking drugs alcohol or teen pregnancy?

hey have to be orginal and obviously against those. pleaseee I’m so stuck=/
they* please & thank you guys

What would your opinion be on a teen who smoked pot on occasion?

but was NOT sexually active, nor do they drink or do any hard substances? what would your opinion be about them?

detect pot smoking in teen?

I suspect my step son is smoking pot but dont know for sure. Sometimes there is a smell about him which is like cigar smoke only I know it isnt cigars. It isnt cigarette smell either. The smell seems pleasant and aromatic. Could it be pot? Confrontation gets nowhere. Behavior wise he is always disappearing to remote corners of the garden and sometimes is in an exalted state over nothing. One time I had placed a sieve like filter over the bathroom sink drain and found tiny brown grains in it. Fool that I was I wondered if it was small dead brown ants or something like that. Now I remember that all grains were equal in size. I asked my stepson what they were (was genuinely puzzled) and he seemed to get angry at the mere question, ran the tap and drained it off and brushed off my question. Is hash or marijuana grainy and brown in color? Any feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks.

What can happen to a teen who smokes weed?

What are the effects, besides being lazy. Can it do anything to your growth or damage your brain? And why do people puke when they get “crunked"?

I am a early teen and i used to smoke, im going to quit. Im just wondering how will it effect my future? ?

I only smoked Hookah, i only smoked it 5 times, with a 1-2 hour session each time, do you think anything serious will happen now or later?
remember im a early teen and i stopped smoking.

does smoking during your teen years affect your growth?

i’m a 16-year old smoker.

How long would you ground your 16 year old teen for smoking pot?

If you had found out that your 16 year old daughter/son had been smoking cannabis and drinking at the weekend, how long would you ground them for?

ta everyone. to be fair i think i’d ground someone for a couple months, but tbh, i think something like taking away their car or computer would be more effective cos it is so easy to just sneak out when your grounded. but its nice to see what everyone else would do and see how you’d think to handle it. thanks again x x x

Teen looking to quit smoking! Are you the same?

I’ve tried to quit smoking over the past few weeks. I want to be smoke-free by the end of the year. Are you a teen, and have you done it?

What helped? Did you gain a ton of weight or is that an old wives’ tale?

I’m 19 years old and I’m a female in New Mexico looking for someone to be my quitting friend. I can text you daily and you can text me and we’ll support each other whenever we need a cigarette and help each other become healthier. If you’re interested, you can e-mail me at [email protected] com

Other than that, does anyone have any tips?

How do you accept that your teen starts smoking? like his brother, dad and paternal family members do? ?

I am HIGHLY ANTI SMOKING. . all my family members have now stopped smoking, Ive NEVER smoked, can NOT stand it, divorced my hubby because of it and now everyone knew and Im Just finding out? Mind you we sent our son to a strict Christian Military school for two years to quit a drug problem but this addiction came in, since HIS Dad says nicotine is as addictive as heroine? I mean what are you saying as you smoke in front of your kids?

thoughts on teen drinking, smoking, drugs ?

what are your thoughs ? have you ever done drugs ? i would really like both adult and teen thoughts, because me and my friends have done some bad stuff before and i want to know what you think.
plus is it real bad if im a 14 year old who smokes on very rarly just to deal with stress or to chill out so i dont get mad at everyone ? and is it ok to tell my friend who is also a smoker to get a smoke so she dont get depressed cuz she gets all sad when she doesnt get a hit. ?
and i can honestly say we smoke only to calm down and to relieze stress. , we started way before it was ever cool to smoke, i know its nasty but i feel soo much better after i smoke.