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The Health Effects of Smoking

This 3D medical animation outlines the dangerous health risks associated with smoking. As a public service announcement, this animation intends to discourage smoking by exploring the various problems that may result from the habitual exposure of tobacco and nicotine in the human body. Details include chemical addiction, cardiovascular and Read more

Don’t Let Smoking Continue To Rob You Of Health

Twenty Reasons Why Porridge Is The Ultimate Health Food…….. Read more

Things You Can Do To Promote Health During Cancer Treatment

what smoking looks like Read more
Men Quit Smoking Tips That Work

Men Quit Smoking Tips That Work

Lots of people know they shouldn’t be smoking, but they still smoke. Saying you are going to quit is much easier than actually quitting, so a lot of people that wish they could quit end up sticking with this nasty habit. To learn more about smoking cessation options, keep reading! To quit smoking and possibly […] Read more