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How did you become aware about the effects of smoking?

I’m doing an assignment about smoking, discouraging teens about smoking. so I’m wondering how you all became aware that smoking is bad for your health?
Thanks for your answers :P It’s helped :)

With all our knowledge about smoking why do teens start to smoke?

I have never smoked in large part because of all the stuff we know about smoking. I don’t understand how teens start to smoke knowing how bad it is for them. I guess i am naive because i never gave into peer presure and tried anything i did not want to. I never binged on alchol and never tried any drugs. To me with all our knowledge no new people would start smoking

Do you think tobacco companies really care about youth smoking?

I have been on the Philip Morris USA and RJReynolds’ websites they have links on how to prevent youth smoking and how much they care about teens not smoking. Do you think they really do this because they really believe kids shouldn’t smoke cigarettes or because they have to by law. Do you think they would have links on there for youth smoking prevention if it wasn’t required by law?

Does anyone think or have experience with what to do about an addict in our family??

My older sister has been an addicted to pain pills and booze for as long as 30 years. It has been an off and on thing, so she might be sober for a few years, then she goes on a binge. Next thing you know, she has lost her relationship. Then she gets sober (with no apologies to anyone) with help from others. She’s good until something happens. Over the years, the time between binges has grown to months. She can’t breathe, but she smokes. She just got booted out of a homeless shelter due to another relapse. She has lost everything, and she acts as if it is ok. No “I’m sorry", just crocodile tears. It hurts my parents every time, but they have done everything for her, and she still turns to drugs. She knows where to find them day and night. Now with the holidays here, she is once again in dire straights. Talking does nothing. She needs AA like a hole in the head. All they ever did was convince her she could not quit drinking, always an alcoholic. So what would you do?

I need to know this about marriage -Please help?

ok–religiously and morally, when can a person cross the line and know that divorce is the only way to go. I know the bible says that cheating is the way, but are their other reasons –where I would not be guilty all of my life and think I am going to Hell too?? I am not planning this or anything–but I see things in a different way now and other people see the things that he is doing to me–they look at it differently than I do. They believe he is lying to me a lot and using me for money. Plus he is and has been on the Methodone drug treatment program and sells and uses it b/c that is prescribed, but he smokes week constantly and I found pills and a straw–he said that incidence was just a relapse and he has only supposedly done that about 6 times since he got into treatment. He had no job and I paid for everything and I think he uses my money to front things and I don’t know if I am wrong or just looking for a way out. We were friends for years and he was the love of my life!!
ok he did not work for 2 years almost and he recently got a job b/c I told him that people were talking bad and that my account was so low. But he does not seem to be changing the drug thing and more people are calling him who are into stuff and there is more. But I love him and I think that no one else will love me and that no one else could put up with him and that we are perfect for eachother for that reason. ???
Thank you everyone for your kindness! I really appreciate all of your words of wisdom. May God Bless you!!

Could anyone tell me more about acupuncure involving. . . . ?

smoking cessation? I have heard of this process involving stapling the ear and leaving it in for however long you want to.

Anyone feel the same way about smoking?

I just quit 4 days ago. I am 16 and will be going back to school as a junior in 11 days. I have been smoking since i turned 13. I smoked a cig a day for a year, then 3 a day the year after, and before i quit i would smoke about 10 a day. Ya, i liked it at the time, but i think i finally matured. I feel so great without them and i have had small weak cravings that didn’t bug me. I also never got nervous, jittery, sick, headaches, insomnia, or anything else associated to nicotine cessation. So my question is; Has anyone quit and not had withdrawal symptoms? If not, do you think its different for each person?
im rating all of you

SGA to hold forum about midterm election

SGA to hold forum about midterm election
Less than one week from Election Day, the Student Government Association is holding a forum highlighting issues significant to college students and the differences between Republicans and Democrats.

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thoughts about cutting again?

when i first started cutting it was more scratches i had stopped for 3 months then i went back to doin it with razors and knives they were deep but not that deep. . . my mom found out and i had stopped becuase she checked my arms every day then once she thought i was done i had another relapse and it was to the point that some wouldnt stop bleeding for 24-48 hours becuase they were so deep i would ruin shirts because id need to tie them over it so i didnt get blood all over my room. . . i just turned 18 and since i was fourteen i never expected to still be alive now i am getting more depressed to where people who i started trying to be friends with stopped talking to be cuz i was “bringing them down" i started drinking and smoking pot more then ever wich isn helping but it is better then cutting cuz i cant stand the scars i think ive been trashed 6 outa the past 8 days and im to the point i just dont know wat to do anymore cant tell parents cuz my mom is allready threatening to kick me out if i start doin dumb shit again and have no friends or anything to talk to

Is anybody else having second thoughts about our new president, yet?

I surely am. Have you seen the plans for the 819$ billion stimulus plan? It’s ridiculous, and very meaningless.

600$ million for buy hybrid vehicles for federal employees
6. 2$billion for home weatherization
75$ million for smoking cessation activities
198$ million for U. S. military benefits for filipinos who fought for the US in WW11
800$ million for amtrak
. . . . . . . . . . . and the list goes on.

The presidential electee is quite delirious

“Delirious Obama"