Prevention of cancer

Cancer has always been a global depressing problem, affecting the patient and the family. Dr. Mohamed Shaalan discusses real life strategies and vaccinations to reduce your risk of cancer.
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Leading cancer researcher, physician and author Siddhartha Mukherjee on cancer prevention and why smoking can kill you. In the clip, Mukherjee talks about balancing the latest research with old-fashioned common sense: The Latest Cancer Research for Smokers ‘There’s a new study that makes the argument that if you take people who are high risk — smokers that are high risk — and you perform CAT scans, you can detect cancers. The problem is that for dollar for dollar, it’s much better to knock the cigarette out of the person you see smoking outside… than to perform a 6000 dollar CAT scan. But – if that’s what works, that’s what works.’ For full-length interviews and behind-the-scenes content from George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, visit

25 Responses to “Prevention of cancer"

  1. compactdisc66666 Reply August 8, 2012 at 9:54 am

    *Guy after watching video
    “You’re the devil!" (throwing cigarette pack down)
    *Waits a second
    “Well I did pay $11.00 for it (picks it back up)

  2. Controlled smoking does not kill you.

    Only people who smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day for years like addicts get cancer but even then we have free healthcare so the death rate due to cancer is really really low.

  3. I can guarantee that you won’t be saying that when you are in the hospital dying of lung cancer.
    Smoking kills you. Great if you want to look manly, but you are losing a part of your life every time you inhale that smoke, it actually makes you weak because you can’t quit.

  4. I sued him.

  5. *Lights cigarette and tells Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee to fuck himself*

  6. you missed the 1st world problems hashtag

  7. smoke weed!

  8. donteatthecrabdip Reply August 8, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    Do you drink raw eggs in the morning too?

  9. hahahaha

  10. that one fuking piece of hair that’s not gel’d up is pissing me off

  11. With free healthcare, I have smoked 3 times a day for 15 years and still am as fit as an athlete.

    Heck smoking is also very manly.

    Only wimps get scared of this stuff.

  12. LLOOL

  13. ha. good point.

  14. @Shamino1 (@misterwite1) a.) benzene, and b.) indigenous peoples, too, don’t smoke as often as cigarette smokers do. cigarettes are primarily dangerous because of nicotine addiction — without it, no one would even smoke cigarettes. the processing is an added danger, but burning basically any plant matter and inhaling it leads to carcinogens in the respiratory tract, which is an obvious no-no. to note, many cigar smokers end up with cancer primarily in the throat and mouth instead of lungs.

  15. True that… and ironically a lot of those chemicals were added for ‘safety’ purposes. For example there’s a chemical in tailor-made cigs that will make it extinguish itself if it’s not being smoked, because people use to burn there houses down after falling asleep with lit cigarettes. And ilylac, pot has been around since the dawn of time…. and still there hasn’t been a pot-related death, period. Why do you think cancer patients are being prescribed marijuana these days? Its a cure.

  16. You’re a moron. Industrial-made cigarettes are cancerous mainly because of the preservatives placed inside them. All 3500 of them. The tip of a smoke contains traces of Benzine in order for it to light perfectly. Benzine is also one of the deadliest chemicals in the world. Why is it indigenous peoples who smoke the herbs of their ancestral homes right out of the ground can live in their 90′s but cigarette smokers can’t? That’s why. PS Pot has 7 times the tar of a smoke, not the chems.

  17. marijuana smoke is just as bad for the lungs and body as cigarette smoke, but the research lags because there haven’t been people smoking 50 joints a day for the last ninety years.

  18. oh please

  19. I’m sure if they legalize marijuana cigarette usage will drastically go down. I don’t think there’s a single case in this world where someone died because of marijuana usage.

  20. Diet has a MAJOR ROLE, not a small one. If you ever go to a cancer clinic you’ll see 90 percent of people are over 50 and OVERWEIGHT!!! When you don’t eat enough vegetables and especially green leafy vegetables that actually clean your digestion system and keep your body in a cleansing mode that can deal with all the harsh poisons in our environment, you begin to build up toxins.

    Gerson Therapy. Check it out.

  21. cell phones cause cancer as well i think i’ll go out and knock some phones out of people’s hands.

  22. ahahahaaa :’)

  23. @AceOfHeart20
    farting? that’s childish. u entered a smoking area and u know it’s going to smell like smoke so that’s pretty low. 95% of smoker’s have to go outside to smoke because of non-smoker’s but most smoker’s don’t mind and understand it. u probably think because u quit smoking that u have the right to ‘fart’. think about how immature that is

  24. I quit smoking in Y2K but I don’t mind smokers at all. I play in a band and it used to be that we would go outside for a breath of fresh air. Now I stay inside for the fresh air and hey, that’s where all of the non-smoking chicks are. But when I do go outside into the smoker’s area I make sure that I time the days burrito and egg salad sandwich consumption so I can leave THEM with a little ‘fragrance’ of my own. P.S. Egg salad with onions really has a nice hang time…

  25. Mercuryvegetable Reply August 8, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    “If someone wants to kill him or herself with cigarretes or anything else, is their prerogative…" Not when my tax dollars are paying for their expensive medical care. What you said only applies if smokers take responsibility for their own decisions and allow cancer to kill them without ever wasting the tax-payer’s money on their diagnosis or treatment.