Quit Smoking Successfully With These Good Tips

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Your family has asked that you try to quit smoking. Your physician encourages you that you do the same. Even people who don’t care about you, like insurance, will support you in quitting. So, what’s holding you back? It is time to quit, read the following article and find tips that can help you kick the habit.

Exercise instead of smoking a cigarette. As you rid yourself of the toxins, your body will reward you with more energy. When you use exercise to repair your body, you’ll be less inclined to harm your progress by smoking a cigarette.

Create a plan to reward yourself each time you reach a milestone in your quitting efforts. Create a list of the rewards you will give yourself when you’ve made it past certain dates. Put this list on the refrigerator and look at it every morning before work or school. This could provide you assistance in staying motivated whenever you feel weak.

Ask your doctor about the medication you can use. Take advantage of the different types of drugs and procedures available for quitting smoking. There are so many potential treatments available, including therapy and medications to help you overcome tobacco addiction. Ask your doctor for recommendations that will help you quit.

Many people have found that switching brands can help on your quitting journey. Give up your preferred brand to one that you find absolutely horrible. Do not smoke a greater number of them than usual or modify the way in which you inhale them. You will be less likely to smoke if you don’t enjoy it as much.

Work out whenever possible. You might be surprised by how much easier and more pleasurable exercise is now that you’re not smoking. Regular physical exercise can also help you to keep your body weight under control. While exercising, endorphins are produced, which can help cope with the symptoms of withdrawal.

Create a mantra based on the top reasons why you must quit. Repeat them to yourself, whenever you feel the urge to smoke. This helps you take your focus off of smoking, and instead you are able to focus on other important things to you.

If you are addicted to cigarettes, and you are good at writing, it my be useful to write a poem, song or short story about what quitting means to you. You can then read over your work every day. This can help you succeed at your efforts.

To increase your chances of being successful in your efforts to quit smoking, consider writing out a list of pros and cons of quitting. You will remember these reasons, and think about them every time you want to smoke. When you think about your list, it can make your motivation stronger, and keep your focus on the benefits of staying smoke free.

If you have been unsuccessful with nicotine replacement therapy, consider using acupuncture to ease the pain of quitting. Acupuncturists place needles in strategic locations on your body to help you reduce cravings or unpleasant emotions associated with quitting. You may be fearful and skeptical of this approach, but acupuncture is time tested and painless.

Utilize the delay tactic whenever you feel that you absolutely must have a smoke. Try to distract your mind and your body for 10 minutes by going for a walk or calling a friend; in this time your urge will probably have passed. If you do not see the results you are looking for right away, you should keep trying.


You may want to think about trying nicotine replacements. Nicotine withdrawal is very powerful and can lead to depression, feelings of restlessness, and becoming frustrated or irritable. The constant cravings can overwhelm you. To help alleviate the condition, consider nicotine-replacement therapy. Research has shown those using nicotine patches, gum or lozenges have twice the chance of successfully quitting. However, do not use nicotine replacement products while smoking.

If you have been unable to quit smoking with just willpower, add some nicotine substitutes and see if that works. These over-the-counter products will supply nicotine to your body during your quitting efforts. They can ward off the maddening physical withdrawal symptoms.

Don’t go overboard with eating! Do not diet and try to quit smoking simultaneously. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Some research shows that smokers get an unpleasant taste in their mouths after eating foods such as dairy products, vegetables and fruit. By eating these items, you will be giving your health a boost as well as turning you off smoking.

Now you have the tools you need to say goodbye to cigarettes. Quitting will make you healthier, happier, and extend your life by many years. You can use the money that you used to spend on cigarets to buy the people in your life that have supported your quitting a little thank you gift.