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Heavy Smokers at Risk for Deadly Kidney Cancer

If you smoke more than a pack or two of cigarettes a day, you are classified as a heavy smoker. And new research also shows the longer you smoke, the greater your risk of developing life threatening diseases. One of them is a deadly form of kidney cancer. Melinda Smith reports. Video Rating: 4 / […] Read more

Fight Your Cancer: Tips And Tricks For A Great Battle Plan

Duh Read more

The Science of Cannabis (Proven Facts about Marijuana) Full Documentary

Very important video because it investigates the scientific basis underlying the medical benefits of marijuana use and only focuses on the proven facts… HEMP OIL WITH THC & CBD CURES CANCER AND MUCH MORE!!! Cannabis Extract Medicine and Disease Cannabis extract medicine, also known as “hemp oil" when referring to the type Read more

Cancer Today, Remission Tomorrow: Tips On Effectively Treating Your Cancer

Uh, I’ll Die For a Drag Read more

Tips On How To Lower Your Chances On Getting Cancer

Education is the best way to prepare oneself for the different things in life. We are taught interpersonal skills and scientific principles that are meant to guide us through difficult situations. The same can be said about a diagnosis of cancer. Read this article in its entirety to become more educated about cancer. Men should […] Read more

Can Smoking Pipes & Cigars Prevent Cancer???

Does smoking pipes and cigars extend life span? Here is a link to the artcle: The article is called “Put That in Your Pipe" Here’s a link to Reasons online site: Many thanks to pipetech26 for suggesting this video! Here’s a link to his home page: Read more

Vegetarians Versus Healthy Omnivores

Subscribe for free to Dr. Greger’s videos at Donate at DESCRIPTION: Even after controlling for a variety of dietary and nondietary factors, those eating plant-based diets appear to have lower overall cancer rates. Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at ‪ and I’ll try to Read more

Tips To Help You Cope With Cancer

Did you know that thousands of people are sucked in every year by products claiming they can cure cancer? Don’t fall prey to a scam! Your best bet to beating cancer is to arm yourself with knowledge. Educate yourself so you can improve your chances of success. Understand that cancer treatments generally come with unpleasant […] Read more
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SMOKING PERMITTED WARNING: TOBACCO SMOKE CAUSES CANCER, HEART DISEASE, LUNG DISEASE Sign, 14" x 10" These signs are visible as you enter a facility. The Smoking graphic on the signs is a well known symbol for these programs. Signs are rust-free and exceptionally durable. New York Smoking Permitted signs warn employees about the hazards Read more

Inner Strength: The Long Road With Cancer

Smoking kills Read more