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Mark Hoppus on quitting smoking

Subscribe: Mark talks about his cigarette-free lifestyle during a moment of down time in this behind-the-scenes clip from Hoppus On Music Fuse on Twitter: Fuse on Facebook: Video Rating: 4 / 5 Read more

Drop The Cigs, Quit Smoking Advice That Is Successful

She Quit Smoking Image by cogdogblog Mom quit smoking when my nephew was born; she had been a regular Lark lady forever as I remember it. I am not sure why she kept her old ash tray (actually there was an older orange orange one that disappeared). If you want to be successful when trying […] Read more

Helpful Stop Smoking Advice That Is Simple And Effective

Smoking Area with Alien Sticker Image by DoubleGrande While it is no secret that smoking tobacco has many ill effects on your general health, smoking is a difficult habit to give up for good. If this applies to you, use these tips to help in breaking free from tobacco. Choose and implement some of the […] Read more

Drop The Bad Habit And Quit Smoking Today!

quit smoking Image by Isabel Bloedwater There are a lot of benefits that result from a decision to quit smoking. Think about the benefits to quitting to help you stop smoking. In addition, keep collecting and applying the useful tips below about quitting. Use them on a daily basis for help in making your life […] Read more

Cohort227 – How I Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

How I quit smoking. I have now been a non-smoker for 15 months I quit cold turkey one Friday morning and I hadn’t even planned on quitting, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I smoked for about 24 years and I was smoking 3 packs a day. I would love to hear some […] Read more

Tired Of Those Cigarette Cravings? Try These Tips

Quit smoking? Image by Pensive glance For many people, stress and pressure from the outside world makes smoking seem like an absolute must; it is difficult to find reasons to quit. You do not have to feel like you are trapped; instead, use the advice in this article to help you start your journey. Tell […] Read more

Dropping A Bad Habit For Good, Excellent Advice To Quit Smoking

today i quit smoking Image by Isabel Bloedwater i hate new years resolutions. that’s why i quit smoking today. cold turkey. just quit. i’ve got two cigarettes left. i haven’t smoked for at least 10 hours by now. i’m not addicted i’m not addicted and even if i were i’d be stronger than any addiction […] Read more

Anyone Can Quit Smoking When They Have Powerful Tips Like These

Although the detrimental health effects of nicotine addiction have been clearly laid out, a lot of people still have difficulty kicking the habit. If you happen to be one of those individuals, the following article offers you some great advice to help you break free from this addiction. Choose and use the ones that seem […] Read more

Great Advice On How To Give Up Smoking

QUIT SMOKING! Image by hazelisles Quitting smoking is a daunting task for even the most strong-willed of people. Smoking does provide some satisfaction, even for those who desire to quit. To detach yourself emotionally from the smoking habit and end it for good, use the following advice to get started. Be careful about what you […] Read more

Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One Promise: Quit Smoking!

While unveiling Ra.One Genesis Game on UTV Indiagames platform, Shah Rukh Khan promised to quit smoking after release of Ra.One. He also gave away his favorite Little G.One toy to a reporter! Have a look! For more Bollywood: Log on to Facebook: Twitter: Read more