Could anyone tell me more about acupuncure involving. . . . ?

smoking cessation? I have heard of this process involving stapling the ear and leaving it in for however long you want to.

Quit Smoking

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  1. Sinka says:

    Acupuncture can be helpful. The needles are put in the ear area and left for 30-40 minutes. It is painless but you will have to go for a few sessions.

  2. staya says:

    no stapling required!!!

    Press balls (tiny magnetic balls on circular band aid) or press tacks (tiny metal needles with adhesive) are placed on ear acupuncture points.
    Usually the key one is shen mein, as anti-anxiety.
    You can get daily or weekly treatments.
    Contact your local acupunture school and use their clinic or find a clinic offering the service in the area. It will be much cheaper.
    Usually herbs may be prescribed to assist with detoxification and side effects. I used this successfully in 1999, through a acupuncture school clinic in my area. The students were great! And each treatment was around $20.00 USD.

    Best of luck!

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