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How did you become aware about the effects of smoking?

I’m doing an assignment about smoking, discouraging teens about smoking. so I’m wondering how you all became aware that smoking is bad for your health?
Thanks for your answers :P It’s helped :)

Smoking Cessation Online Tools And How They Could Help You Conquer The Habit

A significant portion of the international population can be classified as longtime nicotine junkies, and their particular vice is something that should be addressed at once! Tobacco use offers many health hazards and impacts the folks around you. If you are a nicotine junkie, chances are you’ve tried out everything to give up smoking and fell short. You can realize your goal of becoming a nonsmoker if you make use of quit smoking online resources! This article takes a look at why you must give up smoking immediately and the quit smoking online resources you may work with in order to accomplish your objective.

A great deal has been said regarding the health threats that you will face if you keep puffing on cigarettes, but you also ought to remember that secondhand smoke is among the chief causes of death for non-smokers. Numerous clinical studies have proved that secondhand smoke (irrespective of whether you smoke outdoors or indoors) is dangerous and results in illnesses like lung cancer. It is one thing to put yourself in danger, and another to cause harm to the folks you love and care about! This is one of the reasons why cigarette smoking now has an unfavourable reputation; it has isolated folks from plenty of social groups as well as created new national laws concerning smoking in public places.

If you’re a dad or mom, your kids ought to be a good catalyst to stop smoking cigarettes! Apart from lowering your odds of living long enough to usher them into adulthood, it’s true that children mimic the things they set their eyes on. Should they see you smoking cigarettes, they will think that it’s alright for them to do it as well. Being aware of the risks that accompany cigarette smoking, you need to lead by example and tell your girls and boys to steer clear of cigarettes, then prove to them that you’re capable of giving up tobacco use. This is the best thing that you could do for your children!

Moreover, tobacco use is a pricey vice. You could buy a carton of cigarette sticks for a low price, but looking at the accumulated expense per year will show you that you are actually spending too much on cigarettes and that you can spend for other things! What’s more, it doesn’t help that the selling price of cigarette cartons keeps on going up; this will influence your yearly expenditures. Here is a fantastic illustration: sustaining your nicotine habit is much like paying your mortgage. You also ought to give some thought to the unpleasant odour that’s linked to cigarette smoking. It doesn’t only stay on your hair and clothes and cause foul breath, it also stinks up your house, car and all the other areas you like to smoke in! The foul odour will lead to extra expenses for air fresheners, colognes, breath mints and so on.

In short, there’s nothing advantageous about cigarette smoking! Even the cultural aspect has turned unfavorable; cigarette smoking was thought of as a hip thing to do in earlier times, but not today! There is nothing fun about stepping outdoors to puff on a cigarette by yourself in icy weather or making certain that you don’t break any cigarette smoking and rubbish disposal regulations every time you smoke. If you’d like to stop smoking but are terrified of the cravings for nicotine and withdrawal symptoms that you’ll undergo, those could certainly be sorted out!

There are a myriad of smoking cessation aids and tools that you may use no matter where you are on this planet. You may purchase both over-the-counter products and prescription medicines to help you prevail over your nicotine addiction. The web is another way to find the quit smoking tools that you need; a few of the most famous stop smoking online resources that will be of great help include support groups that are formed mainly to help you take on your cravings for nicotine and withdrawal discomforts. These smoking cessation online support groups are operated by former nicotine junkies and health specialists, so you can be positive that they know the things you’re undergoing and could give you pointers.

Smoking cessation online resources such as e-books and sites are going to give you valuable details on cigarette smoking and what you can carry out in order to overcome it. Moreover, stop smoking online tools will introduce you to vendors and organizations that market nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products and / or organic aids. Don’t forget that you need to check with your physician or natural health adviser before utilising these products and verify if the merchants and companies that you locate are reputable and have a very good track record.

So many people have already stopped smoking cigarettes, and you can do this, too! Today, you’ve got lots of choices that will help you get over your dependence. When you have taken the initial step and made the decision to stop smoking once and for all, stop smoking online resources can help you accomplish your objective as well as remain tobacco-free!

You want to stop smoking!

How To Stop Smoking Weed


A usual delusion among most of the people today when they are told about stopping pot smoking is that marijuana is more or less like cigarette as they are physically addictive and also is very difficult to quit smoking due to the cravings inside the body. These cravings also could distract you unless you smoke to calm down. This is factually incorrect and is probably only a hodgepodge of wrong information likening a joint to a cigarette as you smoke and also the fact that many drugs contain addictive contents just like cigarettes.

Marijuana contains no chemical like nicotine that causes addiction but instead it is more psychologically addictive. The result of this addiction is that you have an urge to continue smoking as you want to gain a high rather than the body requiring the drug to stop pain. Quitting the pot smoking habit is difficult as you don’t want to do so subconsciously.

However this doesn’t mean that it is easy to quit the habit or that you lack willpower. This kind of psychological addictions can be really troublesome like people with gambling problems can tell you and hence needs a lot of introspection of your self to understand the real reason you keep relapsing into pot smoking.

However to do this you don’t have to go “cold turkey” and simply live the way you lived before except without the drugs. This however seems to be the worst thing you can do since there is a yawning gap in your life and hence start using pot to escape which leads to relapsing into the habit or even picking up an even worse habit. To fight this time when you introspect the reasons for addiction it is necessary to do something that is healthy and helps to fulfill the gap such as:


Meditation can really help those who smoke weed as it allows them time to clear their mind and those who become good at this find that they can achieve a different sort of high which is different from that achieved through drugs and is more fulfilling and healthy. By clearing ones mind through meditation also helps in sorting the difficult things in life that are complicated.


Finding a hobby that helps in spending time is a great way to take your thoughts away
from marijuana. You could spend time doing something that is more creative like painting, drawing, writing or any other thing that you can find new talent and also new ways of self fulfillment that last beyond the chemically induced high. A hobby could also be a sink for releasing stacked up emotions that could trigger the desire to use pot.


Exercising could be a great way for you to keep yourself healthy and in general it helps you to release pent up energy and annoyance in a good way. Weed smoking often suppresses these things thus worsening things further. Engaging in some kind of team sport is a good way of making new friends as well as keeping yourself away from drugs. Activities like yoga could also be combined with meditation for better results.

Learn How To Stop Smoking Weed Without Cravings. Visit the How To Stop Smoking Weed Site Today.

Sestak-Toomey Senate race magnet for big outside money

Sestak-Toomey Senate race magnet for big outside money
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A radio ad playing on a Philadelphia station booms repeatedly with the notorious maxim “greed is good" and likens Republican Pat Toomey to Gordon Gekko, the fictional, high-flying, filthy-rich financier who made the mantra famous in the 1987 movie “Wall Street."

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Smokeless Cigarette Seller Agrees To Advertising Restrictions

Smokeless Cigarette Seller Agrees To Advertising Restrictions
A distributor of electronic cigarettes agreed not to target its sales and advertisements to minors or to claim its products are a safe alternative for smoking tobacco. This agreement was reached under a settlement, which was announced on Friday by state Attorney General Jerry Brown. It comes weeks after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it intended to regulate e-cigarettes, which …

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Smokers Quit! How to quit smoking: 10 Methods that work

According to the CDC, an estimated 43. 4 million people or 19. 8% of all adults (aged 18 years and older) in the United States currently smoke cigarettes.

Why do so many people smoke, when we have been told for years how harmful it is to our health? Simply because it’s so difficult to quit.

Most smokers would quit if they knew what to do. Here are some tried and true methods to kick the unhealthy habit once and for all.

1. Don’t try to quit by smoking fewer cigarettes per day. What happens when you try this, is most people end up increasing the number back to where it was again after a while.

2. Write down your quitting smoking goals. Don’t just think about it or talk about it. Make a list of the reasons why you want to quit smoking. Post that list somewhere where you will see if often, like on your bathroom mirror or the fridge.

3. Accept the fact that quitting will not be easy. If you tell yourself it will be easy and then realize later that it’s not, you will lose your motivation. Be honest with yourself that it will be a challenge but that it’s worth the pain.

4. Remind yourself that millions of people have successfully quit smoking. None of them did it on a whim. It takes determination, but it has been done millions of times!

5. Join a support group if you are struggling on your own. If you’re not comfortable joining a support group, talk to your doctor and let them know you are trying to quit smoking.

6. Change your smoker’s environment to a non-smoker’s environment. Throw away your ashtrays and clean out all of the cigarettes you have stashed around the house. Let your friends know your home is a non-smoking home.

7. Tell your smoking friends that you are trying to quit and ask them for help. Chances are, most of them would like to quit too. Ask them not to smoke around you and to support you in your goals.

8. Learn new behaviors. Change your routine. When you would typically grab a cigarette, take a walk or make yourself busy with a task.

9. Prepare yourself for relapse or difficult situations. Most relapses occur within the first 3 months after quitting. Plan for this possibility ahead of time so it doesn’t catch you off guard.

10. Don’t give up! If what you are trying isn’t working, try something else. You can quit smoking! Find the techniques that work for you. It may take some trial and error but you owe it to yourself. Never give up!

Frank has had his share of challenges in his life, so he knows what he’s talking about! If you are having trouble quitting smoking, try some other quitting smoking methods.

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World News: Greek militants believed to be behind mail bomb attacks

World News: Greek militants believed to be behind mail bomb attacks
Suspected Greek terrorists unleashed an unprecedented two-day wave of mail bomb attacks in Athens and abroad, with one package reaching the office of German Chancellor Angela

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Smoking Cessation Benefits: Trying To Stop Smoking? Read Now!

There are so many smoking cessation benefits that you will feel once you are finally able to give up for good. In this article I want to go over a few of my favorites in the hope that they will act as inspiration for you.

I’m not going into all the medical stuff but I want to just give you the five BIG reasons for quitting that you can easily remember and keep in your mind every time you feel a craving.

Even if you have tried and failed in the past you should remember that for most people it takes three attempts to quit. Never give up trying.

So what are the smoking cessation benefits you will encounter?

* The first thing is obvious and it’s that you will not only live much longer but you will also have a much better quality of life in the process. I often get emails from smokers who say “why should I give up, I might get run over by a car tomorrow". Well my answer is always the same, if you do get run over you will have much better chance to survive if you don’t shovel smoke into your lungs everyday.

* OK this point kind of connect to the first by each time you light up you are shaving 5 to 20 minutes off you life. What this means in real terms is that each cigarettes increases your chance of getting all manner of horrible disease. So a major smoking cessation benefits I found was not having to feel guilty about that all the time.

* The next smoking cessation benefit we’re going to look at is to do with your kids. We all know that second hand smoke is just as much of a killer as the real thing. But almost worse than that is the idea that if your kids see you smoke they will be much more likely to smoke when they are older. Children have a inherent quality to copy their parents.

* The next one is all to do with cash. When I gave up I started to notice that I was not running out of money so quickly at the end of the month, and I even had a little bit left over. When I worked it out I was saving $600 a month! This was massive for me.

* The other benefit is for pregnant mums because you put your baby at risk every time you put a cigarettes in your mouth

Final thoughts.

Not all of these will be relevant to everyone but just take what works and keep them at the top of your mind as you go into the most challenging situation.

I’m here anytime if you want to ask any questions.

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Are Commit Stop Smoking Lozenges Right For You?

Are you a smoker who has been wanting to quit, but you have found that you just cannot seem to do it on your own? Do not worry because you are not alone. Most people who quit smoking have help. Commit stop smoking lozenges may be just the help you need to quit for good. It may be time to learn more about this product.

The Commit Lozenge was developed as a method to assist smokers who want to quit smoking. They deliver a set amount of nicotine orally to ease the craving that smokers experience when attempting to give up cigarettes. This can make it easier for people to get through the most difficult part of quitting. This makes it easier for many people to give up cigarettes and stay away from them.

This product actually comes in different dosing to fit the needs of different smokers. For people who smoker more there is a 4mg does that is the best to start with. For lighter smokers there is a 2mg dose that is the recommended starting dose. Not every smoker is the same so there are different doses available. The website can help you to determine which dose is right for you.

The lozenges also come in original and mint flavors. This is another option that is available to fit different people and different needs. Some people prefer the original flavor while other prefer mint. The good news is that if one flavor does not work for you there are other options. This product aims to have a variation that works for almost everyone.

The product website has many educational pages to assist you in your journey toward giving up cigarettes. There is a dependency calculator that helps to determine what the proper dosing for you is, but there are other tools as well. There is also a health risk assessor and a trigger identification assistance page. The more you know about quitting the more likely you are to succeed.

The website will also help you through tough times when you give in and have a puff or two. There is a difference between a lapse and a relapse. The website helps you to gauge how well you are doing by determining if you had a moment of weakness or if you have fully relapsed into smoking. This will help you to adjust your quitting plan in order to achieve success. It is important to keep at it and you will be successful.

If you have decided to quit smoking it is time to find out what method you will use to quit. A lot of people feel that they will be able to quit cold turkey and some are successful at it, but many fail this way. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. If fact, asking for help shows how committed you truly are to quitting.

Commit stop smoking lozenges may be right for you if you are serious about quitting smoking for good. Take some time to visit the website for more information. You may be surprised at how much information you find there. You can be successful and help is available to you.

Al Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from quit smoking patches to American football. Thanks for reading!