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Joplin’s smoking debate heads to April ballot

Joplin’s smoking debate heads to April ballot
During a special meeting Monday night, Joplin city council members heard the pros and cons of making a new anti-smoking ordinance in all public places.

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Why do you smoke?

name the 2 most important factors that motivates to smoke.

This information will be used for a study about smoking cessation techniques.
The information will be confidential and no identities will be revealed.

How do I quit pot when my brother smokes like a train?

I have decided to quit smoking pot. I wrote down a list of triggers that make me want to smoke, and i realized one of them is the biggest threat to what I’m trying to do; my brother. Even if i ask him to keep it away from me, I know that pot is just a door knock away. I have relapsed twice this way. This bothers me, seeing as i have a heavy mental addiction and i know it. I asked him to quit with me but he says he’s not ready, which i totally understand. I don’t want to call the cops on him or anything, that’s overkill. Any suggestions?

How to stop smoking for teens?

You may visit: https://www. kidshealth. org/teen/question/get_help/quit_smoking. html

1 and 5 deaths are from tabaco!

Why is it so expensive to quit smoking?

I know, it’s not expensive to “simply" stop, but it’s not that simple and I’ve tried it that way many times. It just doesn’t work. I go to buy stop smoking aids, which are conveniently right next to the cigarettes in most stores. I see $50 for a cessation kit, and $4 for a pack of cigarettes, and usually end up leaving the store with Marlboros, vowing that once I get a whole lot more money and can afford $50 in one shot, I’ll buy it and finally quit. I wish they could make cessation methods progressive like cigarettes, like each dose costs $4 per day. I guess it’s a psychological thing because overall, I know I’d end up saving money when I quit, but I can’t help but think what if it doesn’t work and I still need to buy cigarettes? Then I’ve wasted all that money when just $4 would have been a sure thing. Anyone else feel this way? Has anyone found a way around it or have you just gone for the expense and quit? Thanks for reading. I know it was long.

What should I say to my sister?

My sister went through a 30 NA program for opiate use. She’s been out for a while, relapsed and is currently using again.

I smoke marijuana occasionally but I refuse to smoke with her at all because of her situation. Today she was arguing with me that (her words) “Its double standard that you smoke pot and wont with me. You think its ok for you but not me. "

What should I say to that? I dont believe that smoking with her would be right at all. She has a problem with opiates but not pot. Which makes it ‘ok’ to her but not me.

I tried explaining myself so that she would understand why I wouldn’t but she didn’t get it.

What could I say to her?

(if responding please have some experience with the AA or NA program)

Voters get final say on expanded smoking ban â¨

Voters get final say on expanded smoking ban â¨
DEADWOOD (AP) – South Dakota voters on Election Day get the final say on a 2009 law that expands the state’s indoor smoking ban to bars, video lottery establishments and Deadwood casinos.

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Anyone feel the same way about smoking?

I just quit 4 days ago. I am 16 and will be going back to school as a junior in 11 days. I have been smoking since i turned 13. I smoked a cig a day for a year, then 3 a day the year after, and before i quit i would smoke about 10 a day. Ya, i liked it at the time, but i think i finally matured. I feel so great without them and i have had small weak cravings that didn’t bug me. I also never got nervous, jittery, sick, headaches, insomnia, or anything else associated to nicotine cessation. So my question is; Has anyone quit and not had withdrawal symptoms? If not, do you think its different for each person?
im rating all of you

i smoked marijuana 6 weeks ago. . . had a bad trip. . . i still feel strange. HELP. ?

I smoked marijuana 6 weeks ago and started feeling super strange (wasnt the first time i’d smoked). I started sorta-hallucinating, it felt like the world has moving fast, and time was going by really slow. worst feeling ever. too hard to explain.

anyways. . . the days went by and i felt really depersonalized. . . then after a week i felt much better, but the next week i had a relapse. i would feel very different, my perpective of things wasnt the same. this went on and off and now its just been on and i cant stop feeling like this. I cant explain it. I feel different. My perception of things is different, like i have tried going on with my life, doing the same routine, socialized, but i feel very weird.

Especially when i wake up, i feel so strange, its so hard feeling like this, ive kinda just gotten use to it but i hate it. I wanna go back to normal. If someone could tell me what i can do or what exactly i have, please do so.

My parents know by the way.

im really scared.

What type of laws would restrict teens from smoking?

i need to think of some laws that would restrict teenagers from smoking but i really cant think of any. . .