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Another reason to quit: smoking linked to ectopic pregnancy

Another reason to quit: smoking linked to ectopic pregnancy
A CHEMICAL found in cigarette smoke increases women’s risk of suffering a pregnancy which develops outside the womb, Scottish researchers have found.

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What do you believe is the most successful or best smoking cessation (quitting smoking) program?

What did you personally do 4urself to help in alleviating mild depression/irritation when u quit smoking?

Something(s) that made you feel cheery or help keep your spirits up when you quit smoking like say the 1st 3 months. [you know how difficult it can be in the beginning . . . . ]
I want to relearn some of the techniques w/out relapsing into that habit again.
And do you still personally ever have cravings after your quit? If so, how often?

Gittels return to Midtown pub

Gittels return to Midtown pub
Courtesy photo Bartender Lisa McLeod chats with customer Cheryl Riggers at Bo Jack’s Pub & Grill on Thursday.

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Quitting Sucks Driving Commercial for Nicorette

How can i create a creative title for my research paper “Teen Smoking"?

Can anyone suggest an effective herbal or natural remedy for smoking cessation?

7 Stop Smoking Tips to Help You Cope With the Cravings

Maybe you have researched different ways to quit smoking and are ready to stop for good. Whatever aid you choose to help stop smoking, there are other things you can do to help you succeed.

For instance, if you think that the sight of cigarettes or related paraphernalia might give you the urge to relapse and take the smoking habit back up, it would be best to banish all such items from your sight. Habits like smoking can be in part triggered by visual cues, so get those cigarettes, lighters, matches and ashtrays out of sight.

There is a lot of truth to the adage “out of sight, out of mind", at least when it comes to quitting smoking. You’ll make it that much easier on yourself by getting those reminders out of the way.

A common stumbling block that can lead to failure is keeping cigarettes around. It is far too easy to rationalize “just one" cigarette. Keep them away, and you’ll be much less tempted to relapse.

No matter how well you manage to hide the reminders and temptations, you are almost sure to have withdrawal symptoms. Get ready for these; they may pass within the first week, or persist as long as a month.

The first few days will be the biggest hurdle, so be prepared for the worst. A stop smoking program may help prepare you for withdrawal, or at the very least let you know what to expect.

There will of course be cravings for cigarettes and increased appetite. These are typical withdrawal symptoms. Here are seven coping strategies for withdrawal to help you succeed:

1. Headaches and dizziness are common when you first quit. Over the counter pain relievers such as aspirin, as well as cold compresses are usually effective in managing these symptoms.

2. Fatigue during the first two to four weeks are reported by many who quit, but can be greatly reduced by maintaining an exercise routine and making sure to get enough sleep. Also, some have success with meditation. When you’re trying to quit smoking, any strategy is worth trying.

3. Coughing will likely increase for a short time after you quit, while your lungs attempt to rid themselves of the residue left by smoking. The cough will disappear gradually over several days; be patient. It can be helpful to sip water or have a cough drop or piece of hard candy.

4. Tightness in the chest may occur during the first week. Breathe deeply and relax – it will pass soon enough.

5. Difficulty sleeping is common in the first few days without cigarettes. Try to avoid caffeine late in the day as well strenuous activity right before going to sleep, drink a glass of milk, or take a hot bath.

6. Constipation may occur. Make sure to get plenty of fiber (fruits, vegetables, and grains are good sources), drink lots of water, and get some exercise in daily, and you should have no problem.

7. Difficulty concentrating may occur during the first few weeks. If losing focus becomes a problem take a break and do something physical for a few minutes.

Use whichever of these seven tips you need to help you succeed and become a non-smoker. What better gift can you give yourself than to stop smoking?

Grab lots of information about how to stop smoking at https://www. onlinestopsmokingtips. com. There is encouragement to help you quit smoking, information about how to stop, and facts on what cigarettes are doing to your body.

Smoking ban opponents still all fired up

Smoking ban opponents still all fired up
Five months after Michigan’s controversial smoking ban took effect, bar owners are rallying statewide to reverse a law they say is killing business.

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Actor Mandy Patinkin with a message about Secondhand Smoke

Mandy Patinkin visited Nome’s Boys & Girls Club and this is what he had to say regarding secondhand smoke.